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The foundations of Iron Maiden Revival Hradec Kralove are the members of well known "East-Bohemian" rock-metal band FeRAT. Since the end of 2003 , the band was renamed and as Iron Maiden Revival Hradec Kralove has started playing songs of Iron Maiden. Now we can offer over 20 songs in 2 hours audio-visual show.

We are middle-aged guys who like this music and want to share the joy of "The Legends of Metal" with You ...


For Promoters 

Stage  6 x 4 meters at least, standard electric connection, dressing romm .

 Price will be sent - according to the distance and show (fire show is possible)



     1.The prisoner
    2.Be quick or be dead
    3.The trooper the_trooper.mp3 (4 MB)
    4.Wrathchild (+ march)
    5.Aces high
    6.Hallowed be thy name
    7.Remember tomorrow
    8.Wasting love
    9.The number of the beast
   10.Wasted years wasting_love.mp3 (5,2 MB)
   11.The wicker man
   12.Running free
   13.Fear of the dark fear_of_the_dark.mp3 (6,7 MB)
   14.Bring your daughter to the slaughter
   15.Losfer words (Big’Orra)
   16.Phantom of the opera
   17.Run to the hills


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For more info write in English to eddie2000@seznam.cz